Kidepo Valley Uganda

Isolated from the Ugandan mainstream by the harsh plains to the north of Mount Elgon, Kidepo Valley National Park is Uganda’s second biggest National Park (1440 km2), and Apoka Lodge is the only lodge in the entire area. Kidepo is one of Africa’s last great wilderness areas, a tract of rugged savannah dominated by Mount Morungole (2750 m) and transected by the Kidepo and Narus rivers.

Perennial running water in the Narus River makes Kidepo an oasis in the semi desert. The mountainous terrain is divided in the Narus Valley in the southwest and the Kidepo Valley in the northeast. You will find wooded savannah areas, forests, large fields of borassus palms and rocky koppies.

Kidepo is home to 86 mammal species with 28 found nowhere else in the country. Birders can enjoy its 463 recorded species of birds with 60 species being endemic to the park. Predators include lions, cheetah, jackals, leopards, spotted hyena, smaller cats and mongoose.

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